Monday, April 22, 2013

Rose City Pizza: Welland, Ontario

While I am all for trying new restaurants and interesting recipes, there is none-the-less something to be said for simplicity in cooking. In this case that something is yum. Rose City Pizza isn’t doing anything fancy but what they are making is delicious, saucy, greasy pizza that I always come back to. Located on Thorold Rd. in Welland, your only option is to order delivery (on a Friday night this can take over an hour due to high demand) or squeeze your car into their ever-jammed parking lot to pick up.

Rose City Pizza is without a doubt my favorite pizza place in Welland and is definitely in my all time pizza favorites. Whenever I go home to visit my family, it’s hard for me to resist grabbing a slice (read: entire pizza). They have been making the exact same amazing pizza since I was in elementary school, when we would order it on Friday for lunch.

There is something special about food memories and this pizza is no exception. The taste, the smell and even the look of the pizza (pieces bought individually in the pizzeria are sold in long rectangles - the perfect size really) are all happy reminders of my childhood. Although I could of course be falling victim to the "Goonies effect"*, I really do think that anyone looking for a good, saucy, pepperoni and cheese pizza would enjoy Rose City.

Delicious pep 'n' cheese from Rose City Pizza.
Super saucy, cheesy and thin.

I typically like my pizza loaded with toppings (most especially green olives) but for Rose City pizza, it’s gotta be pepperoni and cheese exclusively.

The sauce is simple with a nice sweetness to it. They put a ton of sauce on their pizzas so that when you bite down, you can actually feel the sauce come right out from under the cheese and into your mouth. It’s easily the best part. The sauciness even makes it amazing as cold pizza breakfast the next day (whereas, I personally find that most cheese and pep’s don’t make a quality leftover pizza unless they are warmed up because they tend to become hard and tasteless. Not this guy). The cheese comes out golden with lots of little salty and crispy pepperoni all over.

The pizza is greasy and tasty and highly recommended if you’re looking for a good, simple yet tasty ‘za in Welland!

* The Goonies Effect: The Goonies is a popular movie that was released in 1985 chronicling the adventures of a few young kids on the hunt for treasure. If you didn't watch the movie as a kid when it came out and subsequently tried to watch it as an adult, odds are you didn't get it. You'll never have the same unconditional attachment that all your friends have nor will you understand related inside jokes. You won't get super pumped when it comes on T.V. and anyone else you know born in the 80s who did watch it as a kid, will automatically judge you when you say that you don't love it. 

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