Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bite-sized: Cake & Loaf

Since not all amazing eats include a whole meal and since not all drinks require food, I've decided to include in this blog "bite-sized" sample reviews. These reviews will feature either specialty, to-go or solo items that can simply be enjoyed on their own (and merit their own post!) Today's Easter eggs from Cake & Loaf were indeed such a treat.

Feast your eyes on these: homemade melt-in-your-mouth easter eggs. I had been dreaming about these (and nagging bugging my co-workers about them) since I saw a photo of them posted on Twitter last week. While we normally go to Cake & Loaf for their Molasses Oatmeal bread, I had not yet tried one of their specialty confections.

Today I popped in after work, eager to pick up their own personal take on the chocolate cream egg. While they were already sold out of their version of the "Cadbury Egg" I picked up a half dozen chocolate caramel eggs. Yum...

A quick summary: picture large chocolate eggs, with beautiful pastel icing, set inside a pretty white box. I like the idea of food gifts and according to FBI Agent Dale Cooper, you should give yourself one gift every day. 

The eggs are delicious, rich and chocolatey, not too sweet nor too bitter. The eggs are filled with a chocolate ganache and hidden in the centre is a perfect little sphere of caramel.  It's a gooey, liquid caramel and the flavor reminded me of the sugary crust of a creme-brulée. 

I have already eaten two. The night is young. 

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